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Are You Unhappy With Your Grades?

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Do You Worry About Your Grades?

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It’s just plain wrong students have nowhere to turn for help.

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Turn to the Happy Student Handbook!

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Here's What Other Students Say...

What is so amazing about the "Happy Student Handbook" is everything is simple and easy to do. It's like magic how easy it is to get 4.0 grades now!
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Gregg M
College Student
The "Happy Student Handbook" is jampacked with incredible strategies for "A" grades. There's nothing else like it for today's college students. I highly recommend it!
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Sarah G
College Student
I used to worry all the time about my grades, but not any more. I aced my last two tests. The "Happy Student Handbook" has been a real lifesaver for me!
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Zach M
College Student

A Simple 3-Step Plan


The "Happy Student Handbook" takes all the guesswork out of achieving 4.0 grades on short answer exams, essay exams, Blue Book exams, term papers and academic essays!


Discover over 60 proven, stress-free ways to achieve 4.0 grades no one else will teach you. (It's easier than you think!)


Get top scores on your tests, exams, term papers and essays. Achieve more 4.0 grades than you ever dreamed possible!

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Over 60 High-Impact Lessons

Module 1  MEMORIZATION MADE SIMPLE Learn smart memory techniques that eliminate the need for cramming, If you would love to have a great memory, this module will be your favorite!

Module 2  THE WELL-ORGANIZED STUDENT Learn how to be super organized and productive with time-saving strategies no one else will teach you.  

Module 3  GETTING THE DETAILS RIGHT  Discover how to make great impression on all your instructors and win the subjective grading game to quickly raise your GPA.

Module 4  ACHIEVE TEST SCORES YOU LOVE  In Module 4, we’ll teach you the secret to achieving the best test scores with less study time! Learn how to eliminate exam panic and last minute cramming.  

Module 5  SIMPLY SUCCESSFUL PAPERS Module 5 gives you ten insanely easy ways you can write “4.0” essays and term papers. Don’t miss this!

Module 6  PRO TIPS FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS Module 6 is jam-packed with the pro tips you need for personal success.

Appendix – The 10-page Appendix provides you with outstanding Resource Materials.

A BREAKTHROUGH APPROACH TO ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE! Become a happy and successful student. Learn what you need to do to 4.0 your classes today. Buy now! $14.98 US.

FREE BONUS GIFT! “Time Management Made Simple! Two-Step Day Planner” is a Bonus Gift to you!

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Why It Matters...

A four-year college education today costs a small fortune. It’s just wrong students have nowhere to turn for help. Until now! 

Having worked with students for over 20 years, the #1 complaint continues to be extreme stress due to constant grade pressure for “A” grades. Understanding the difference between “perfectionism,” which is stressful and elusive and “excellence,” which is realistic and attainable is an important first step in stress relief.  

Most people are shocked to learn 1100 college students succeed in committing suicide every year in the US. I recommend you read the story of Madison Holleran and her family as told in the book “What Made Maddy Run – The Secret Struggles and Tragic Death of an All-American Teen” by Kate Fagan. 

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call or text 988 the national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. 

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